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Innovative Power GmbH (IP) is an advanced on site innovative energy solutions provider. IP offers cutting edge technology to maximize climate protection and sustainability. IP's goal is to provide its clients with reliable energy solutions, customized in efficiency to ensure not only IP clients satisfaction and reduction of energy costs, but also to maximize sustainability for a better community life.


IP holds a project development expertise including, design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of energy projects. We focus on high efficiency distributed power projects. IP's approach is based on hybridization of renewable PV tech together with CHP, CCHP as well as thermal and electricity storage and EV charging stations. 

Through IP related company, OSEG ltd., leading Israeli R&D company, IP can provide unique energy technologies and high level of energy tech integration. 



Creative Thinking in Energy 

IP offers its clients full customized energy solutions considering real estate type, available space, electricity as well as heating and cooling consumption. IP's engineering team will analyze your electricity, heating and cooling consumption and will provide you with optimized energy systems implementing the most advanced planning tools at the energy market.

Harmonising the two worlds of mobility and energy
IP develops energy-efficiency plans to reduce energy that is used 

Custom made energy solution

IP's expertise lies in integrating the most efficient, reliable, resilience and renewable technologies to offer the clients a custom made energy solution. 

Unique and advanced tools
IP provides customized allround energy solutions and builds micro infrastructural energy packages.

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Reliability: Self sustained, self operated and continuous power supply 
Electric Charger
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Tegel, Berlin, Germany
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PV, Stralsund, Germany
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Tegel, Berlin Germany
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PV, Stralsund, Germany
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Groningen, Netherlands
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Our mission is to reduce the consumers utility energy costs while turning their existing energy supply system into an efficient, reliable, high flexibility, redundant, resilience and by renewable power on site with best climate protection.

We use Best Available Technologies (BAT) to provide a custom-made energy solution tailored to the needs and demand of our clients. The energy centers are designed to generate as much as possible energy by renewable power technologies to lower the CO2 emission and carbon footprint together with optimization with CHP, CCHP systems as a second stage to the CO2 reduction. 

IP is the sole responsible for energy survey, design, permit, financing construction and maintenance of the energy center.  

No investment, no CAPEX is required by our clients. 

Our product facilitates a self sustained, self operated continues power supply. 


How we work?
IP Innovative Power analyses
IP will analyse your electricity, heat and cooling consumption. We are getting to understand your business and your needs to drive your business towards minimum CO2 emission and create a solution that works for you and the environment. 


IP Innovative Power optimizes
IP will work to provide an optimized hybrid efficient and flexible energy solution without taking any technological or financial risks. Together with our experts we can make your building more efficient and reduce your impact on the climate change.

IP Innovative Power provides
IP provides customized comprehensive energy solutions and builds harmonized micro infrastructural energy systems. We deliver highly efficient energy for city-wide assets and industry. Our management and control system will enable a real time demand response management to meet climate protection and reduced costs.


Solar Power (PV) Systems

Rooftop, building facade and parking lot solar PV system. Customized PV solutions to ensure installation of maximum PV system capacity to achieve maximum power generation.


Micro turbine or an engine energy production based system. The CHP system can be single or dual fueled, NG or Hydrogen to generate electricity in the first cycle. In the second cycle IP utilizes the thermal surplus by conversion of the Microturbine or engine exhaust gases to generate hot water for heating and cold water for cooling.

Intelligent Management System

Implementation of an advanced real time AI controlled agent network for DER to control the integrated generation system. The system includes a smart consumption forecasting feature and full optimized distribution calculation to reduce costs for the prosumers. The real time mechanism enables a quick demand responds and instant energy use optimization.

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Battery Storage

Surplus of electricity production will be stored with battery storage. The stored electricity can either be consumed by the customer when needed or can serve as a base for fast charge system for EVCS.

Thermal Storage

Surplus of thermal production will be stored with thermal storage which can be served as a buffer balancing the CHP or CCHP system or can be consumed by the customer when needed.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EVCS)

AC or DC EVCS for slow, fast and ultra-fast EV charging. With hybrid energy system the EVCS can be fed by the solar, and/or CHP, CCHP systems and therefor provides 100% sustainable e-mobility solution with no electricity grid consumption.



Our latest projects in Germany and the Netherlands combine photovoltaic sites (PV) with combined heat and power systems (CHP) as well as battery storage and  electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS).

The IP energy centers allow you to lower your CO2 footprint, produce clean energy and reduce energy costs.

IP analyses

IP optimizes

IP provides



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